Our wires are matched to the particular metal spray process (e.g. arc or flame spray process) down to the last detail. All filler materials are manufactured according specification of OSUCAS. Detailed analysis, test spraying regarding an optimal function, check for correct winding, coating quality, wire feed performance and metallurgical properties guarantee utmost processing reliability.

All wires are delivered with a certificate.


icon_pdf40_tr2 Product range of wires

Product range of wire filler materials (extract)


Article no. Description
MD001 Zinc
MD002 Zinc-Aluminium
MD004 Aluminium
MD006 Aluminium-Magnesium
MD010 Bond coat (arc)
MD011 Bond coat (flame)
MD020 Steel
MD030 Steel
MD055 Steel
MD060 Chrome steel (13%)
MD062 Chrome steel (17%)
MD065 Carbon steel
MD080 FeCrNi
MD085 High alloy steel (chrome-nickel-manganese)
MD095 High alloy steel (chrome-nickel)
MD096 High alloy steel (chrome-aluminum)
MD100 Molybdenum
MD110 Copper
MD120 Brass
MD130 Tin-Bronze
MD142 Aluminum-Bronze
MD150 Nickel
MD151 Monel
MD160 Nickel-Chrome
MD170 Tin
MD171 Babbitt (tin base)

Other materials (or special dimensions) on request. Please contact us!

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