OSUCAS-Spritzapparat OC1 EN

Spray device OC1

inklusive Kabel- und Schlauchsatz (von bis zu 20 m)

Features of spray device OC1

  • Housing made from fiber-reinforced material for a long service life
  • Compact design and light weight
  • Modern and easy handling (i.a. by the use of dead man´s control with reflection light scanner)
  • Optimized power connectors for high energy efficiency
  • Connection possibility to (almost) all OSU power sources
  • Reduced demand of wear parts due to a wire feed gear directly driven by air motor

Economical coating

The spray device OC1 with the closed nozzle system is specialized in the processing of corrosion protection wires. The special geometry of the nozzle system components allows a very fine atomization of the melt particles, whereby a correspondingly fine coating with low surface roughness is achieved. This provides a significant savings potential of paint for subsequent topcoats.

The integrated wire feed in the spray device allows in combination with the wire feed gear on the power source the use of hose packages up to a length of 20 m.

The newly developed DC power connectors from OSUCAS offer a low-loss power transmission with minimal heat generation and improved conductivity. Hereby the energy stays where it should be – in the spray process.



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