Winkeldüsenverlängerung EN

Angled nozzle extension


  • For internal coating of tubes from an internal tube diameter of 80 mm
  • Adjustable nozzle system for fine adjustment of the spray jet
  • Connection possibility to all OSU spray devices (using the appropriate adapter head)

The angled nozzle extension is a spray extension for internal coating of tubes as well as for coating of hard to reach areas. It is fixed by means of an adapter head (in place of the spray head) on the spray device.

With the special design of contact nozzles bent in the direction of spray and the axially adjustable atomizer nozzle with primary and secondary atomization a concentrated spray jet can be generated, which has an angle of 70⁰ to the longitudinal axis.

Due to the handling we recommend for hand-held spraying a maximum length of angled nozzle
extension of 300 mm. In combination with a machine controlled spray device lengths of up to 1000 mm are possible.

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