In our premises we have the potential of doing repair and service works on arc metal spray equipment from various manufacturers.

Our goal is to provide the repair work speedily to allow you to continue your work with the equipment as soon as possible. In particular cases it is also possible to provide you rental equipment / components for the duration of repair.

Service on site

The OSUCAS team can provide you with on-site services. These include failure analysis and small troubleshooting as well as smaller on-site repair and support during commissioning according to your requirements.
Furthermore our employees can assist you on-site in optimizing the parameters or the adjustment of various facilities.

Training for arc metal spray equipment (in-house and on-site)

The content of the training will be coordinated with you and adapted to the individual needs of the employees, the application range and the used equipment.
The training can take place either at our premises or directly at customer’s side, adapted to the work process and the equipment(s) used.
The specific training often provides great potential

  •  for process optimization
  • for work optimization

Training in the proper use of the equipment in many cases means a large savings potential for the use of

  • Filler material
  • Spare and wear parts
  • Human resources (optimization of operating hours)


We are happy to advise you on questions

  • in reference to the right equipment, the spray device or other equipment for your company
  • what you have regarding a special application
  •  concerning the use of your equipment
  • regarding the correct use of the equipment
  • regarding the right wire or the applicable coating

In our consulting it is important for us that you and your questions are placed in the focus

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