Stromquelle OC350 EN

Power source OC350

Including on-board wire feed unit WF4

The power source with maximum spray current of 350 A (at 100% duty cycle) is convincing with

  • its compact and robust construction
  • the easy handling with good readable indicators
  • the clear layout of control elements on the angled panel
  • big castors and fixed castors which guarantee easy maneuverability even on the rough terrain of construction sites
  • optimized power connectors for high energy efficiency
  • the configuration with the feed gear WF4, which ensures together with the proven rubber roller system, a continuous, trouble-free wire feed

Alternative to the standard feed gear with rubber roller system, the new feed gear OC-Speed with friction clutch principle, offers a further improved wire feeding.

This newly developed gear allows an absolute trouble-free wire feeding even over long distances. In the processing of zinc wire, the wire feeding of up to 20 meters is no problem. Furthermore, the processing of “rough-running wires” is possible with this gear, too.

Control procedures

The control procedures at start and stop as well as while the spray process work automatically via the preset Siemens-PLC. For example at overload or pressure drop the equipment switches off automatically. The power supply is preset to highest melting capacity but can be adjusted stepless to lower power.

Technical data

Mains voltage3 x 400 V AC
Mains voltage tolerance±5 %
Mains frequency50/60 Hz
Connection current< 23 A
Main fuse32 A
Connection power< 15 kVA
Spray current max. (at 100 % ED)350 A DC
Open-circuit voltage26 – 39 V DC
Spray voltage22 – 34 V DC
Spray wires and deposition rates
(at 350 A)
Zn      35,0 kg/h
ZnAl   31,0 kg/h
Al       10,5 kg/h
AlMg   9,8 kg/h




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